In today’s world of a largely male-dominated tech industry, it’s remarkable to think that women played prominent— even critical — roles in the early days of computing.

Today, only 20 percent of tech jobs are held by women. In a sector experiencing a faster-than-average growth rate, it’s clear that something is wrong. It’s past time to identify and address the issues preventing women from pursuing careers in technology.

So where do we begin?

One creative approach: digital apprenticeships. This powerful and fully modernized pathway to earning while learning is a proven, reliable source for developing a highly-skilled — and tremendously engaged — workforce.

Download our article now to learn why modern digital apprenticeships offer a new path into a rewarding career in IT for women. We review:  

  • The strategies that companies can and must begin implementing immediately throughout their hiring and retention processes in order to increase the number of women in tech.
  • The pivotal role that recruiters can play in building bridges between female candidates and potential employers.
  • The importance of having a structured framework and support network in place to help apprentices achieve goals and promote development. 

Discover how Recruiters, Mentors, Supervisors, and a Success Coach can work together to provide each female apprentice with the support network they need to soar in a field that needs digital talent today more than ever.

Together, we can inspire more women to come back to tech. Contact us to learn more about our current digital apprenticeship programs: Franklin Digital and Missouri Digital.