Our purpose here at AskFranklin?

To connect the American workforce by making apprenticeships accessible and attainable.

We believe it’s time for change, and time to challenge the status quo.

45 million individuals in the US hold $1.5 trillion in student loan debt.

Meanwhile, 47 percent of leaders attest colleges and universities are not properly preparing students for the working world. AskFranklin to connect you with an “earn while you learn” model for success.

By seamlessly connecting individuals seeking apprenticeships and employers seeking apprenticeship candidates, we will unlock alternative pathways to workforce development and career stability.

Our goal is to:  

Aggregate information, educate individuals, and initiate connections to all apprenticeship opportunities across the US for career seekers.

Simplify recruitment, streamline access, and shape connections to broaden the apprenticeship candidate pool for businesses.

Act as the defacto resource for apprentices, employers, workforce investment boards, and educators.

We help support a powerful network that connects apprenticeship communities.

35 percent of traditional hires leave each year to work elsewhere.

AskFranklin to connect you with an employer vested in your success. 91 percent of apprentices retain employment after conclusion of the apprenticeship program.

We are founded by a preeminent team of apprenticeship experts. Among the very best and brightest, we’re working together on each and every vital aspect of what we do and how we do it, eager to offer an unrivaled opportunity to change and connect the American workforce.

Join our movement, and help us connect the American workforce and make apprenticeships the alternative solution for personal and professional growth, stability, and success.

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